You make great games, we make it easy for the world to play them!

It goes without saying, but companies can profit from a huge return on investment when translating their games into additional languages. TranslationWire's team of expert linguists can connect you with new target users at any phase of your project, whether your plan is to simultaneously develop your game for several markets or to introduce your local success to an audience across the world.

Our native-speaking translators have specific experience translating games. They not only understand your desired language, they know what appeals to this niche of gamers. Beyond simply translating your script, they provide useful feedback on user experience and the gaming expectations of local cultures. You can trust the highly skilled team at TranslationWire for culturally relevant game translations that are accurate and effective, whatever the volume or deadline.

Our Game Translation Process

From translating the language in your game interface to what you say in your user manuals and marketing articles, TranslationWire can provide natural-sounding solutions quickly and cost-effectively. Our process is optimized to provide you with superb translations with efficiency and ease.

Start by sending us what you have — screenshots, resource files, user manuals, etc. — and tell us about your project. Simply upload your files (at no cost to you), or mail us your media. We’ll get back to you immediately with an estimate.

You can trust TranslationWire for game translations that are accurate and effective.

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