Why choose TranslationWire?

Most translation providers only provide around one to three of the following steps in our collaborative translation process, which illustrates how we provide higher quality:

1. Rough draft by the translator.

2. Research, editing and polishing of draft by the translator.

3. Edits, suggestions for improvement and responses to questions by the editor.

4. Review of edits, suggestions and comments by the translator.

5. Dialogue between translator and editor to agree on best wording and resolve issues.

6. Dialogue between translator and client to address any remaining questions.

7. Final proofing in final format by the translator.

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TranslationWire vs. Traditional agency

# Translation Wire Traditional agency
1 Regional dialects covered Arab language pairs are covered by our own translators who are proficient in Egyptian, Levantine (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine), Gulf (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirates and other GCC countries), Iraqi, and Moroccan dialects. Let alone the African languages and dialects. Most agencies cover only MSA (Modern Standard Arabic)
2 Translators direct No middlemen. Translators work directly for TranslationWire. Most agencies work with other agencies who work with freelancers. It is often unclear who is actually doing the work.
3 See the translator TranslationWire provides details on the translator working on your project. Often the agency doesn't know who is working on your project as the work is outsourced to another agency.
4 Speed Instant quote, instant project submission. Varies. With some traditional agencies it takes a few hours just to get a quote.
5 Availability 24/7/365 at no extra charges. Business hours, or at an additional fee for nights/weekends.
6 Service 24/7/365 included in price. Usually during business hours.
7 Project management Included in price. Usually with additional fee
8 Account manager Included in price. Usually with additional fee
9 Expert translators Expert translators available, with background and experience in legal,
technical, business, marketing, high-tech and more.
Varies. Some agencies specialize in some fields, some only do general projects.
10 Quality Proofreaders and Post-editors available. It depends
11 Urgent translation fees Speed is part of the service. No rush fees with TranslationWire. Most agencies charge additional fees for urgent translations, nights and weekends.
12 TM support Included It depends
13 Glossary management Included It depends