Quality Assurance

The document formatting, graphics, colors, layout, images, icons and fonts are all assured by our professional QA team before final delivery.

A highly qualified team

All of our translators have at least one university or college degree, and some even have several. For this reason, they not only have excellent language skills in their working languages, but also have a good general education as well as in-depth specialized knowledge. This is the only way to produce first-class translations.

We select the appropriate translator with just the right specialized knowledge.

You can be sure that we always choose translators who know their way around your area of expertise - be it in the fields of Law / Patents, Medicine, Finance, Marketing / PR, IT / engineering / mechanical engineering or tourism. Our translators include lawyers, doctors, engineers, economists, etc., in all language combinations. When we add a new translator in our network, we place the greatest emphasis on his education, work experience and references. In addition, the work of our translators is regularly inspected so that they also deliver what they promise: fast, high-quality translations that our customers can trust.

What determines a translation's quality?

A translated text should reflect the original meaning and the impression created by the original document - thus providing an accurate representation of the source language text. That's the biggest challenge! Translating not only the content but also the source document’s level of meaning. This task can only be accomplished by native translators who have a very good knowledge of the source language and the particular subject area.

TranslationWire guarantees the best quality using resources, process, and technology on several levels. We review each project manually and automatically. Then, we provide additional proofreading when needed.

At TranslationWire, the QA process does not only check for meaning, style and grammar, but also for cultural appropriateness, formatting, style consistency, images & graphics customization, appropriate tone and formality, etc. With seamless workflow, your project is handed to linguists/DTP specialists with relevant specialization, making sure that premium quality is delivered on time, regardless of the project size or complexity of content.

At TranslationWire, we have the competent resources and solid capabilities that enable us to smoothly handle RTL and Bi-Directional languages (Arabic).

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